Explore The Comparison Of Best Rainbow Riches Slot Games


Are you looking for the best Rainbow Riches slot games? Do you want to make proper comparison and win exciting prizes? Now, it is the right time for you to find the best rainbow riches slot game by reading this article thoroughly.

There are many exclusive ranges of games available in this slot series. Each and every game is making a huge impact and enhancing the interest among players. The features and gameplay of these slot games are really extraordinary with its RTP, free spins, reels, scatters, rows and much more.

Proceed further with this article and know about the features of best Rainbow Riches slot games. You can pick the best one from the available options according to your needs and requirements. Here in this article, you can find some of the list of best Rainbow Riches slot games. They are in the order of top to bottom. They have ranked according their features and gameplay. So go through it and make the better decision.

What Are The Best Rainbow Riches Slot Games?

There are different Rainbow Riches Slot Games available. Take a look at below and find the some of the best slot games:

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is one of the best Rainbow Riches slot games. The big bet feature is the most unique feature of this best slot game. Such feature allows players to spin prize wheel and grab the great bonuses that other players already have. They also don’t need to wait for the game symbols to get bonus due to this option. If you have any doubt regarding this game, just check out the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix review and clarify everything.

Rainbow Riches Megaways

Mix of both classic gameplay & modern Megaways mechanics is Rainbow Riches Megaways. Players can get around 117,640 possible winning ways with their each spin in this game. Then they can also get 10,000x prizes for their win. If you win continuously, then sure you can win more prizes for a single spin. It is a special feature of this game. Players can also get Super Gem bonus and win a lot with the help of transforming symbols.  

Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold

If you are a beginner and looking for best Rainbow Riches slot game, then sure you can start with Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold. It is a great addition in this slot series. There are two set of reels available in this game. You can find silver and gold pots of gold with one reel and normal game symbols with other reel. The gameplay is also very unique and give extraordinary user experience.

Leprechaun’s Gold

Leprechaun’s Gold is the funny Rainbow Riches slot game and players prefer it due to the exciting option. There are around 7 reels & 50 paylines available for players. Winning in this game is not that much simple since it s higher volatility slot. There are also more bonus features available for players. If you like complexity in winning the slot game, then sure you can try it.

Rainbow Riches: Reels Of Gold

If you have played Zeus 1000 before, then this game will be easy to handle for you. But for others, it is very difficult to win frequently in this slot game. There are 100 paylines but still winning is very complex. Players can get bonus wins like free spins, magic wilds, symbol shuffles, multipliers, stacks and much more. Those who have luck can sure win this game since it is a luck based game.

Rainbow Riches Power Pitch

Rainbow Riches Power Pitch comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines which is great in this slot series. There is different range of choices available for players while playing this game when compared to some other slots. You can explore around 3 variants and have the possibility of winning for 10,000x the stake. Hence experience having a better gameplay through this game.

  • Fortune Favours

Fortune Favoursare the best choice high roller players. Using Magic Fairy symbol, you can grab bigger wins. But the only issue is that you need to spend 50x your stake to experience the features. Those who want to get a different experience can try this game without any hesitation. 

  • Leapin Leprechauns

Leapin Leprechauns is one of the best Rainbow Riches slot games even though it is not a slot. Jump on the floating platform to win instantly and collect some exciting prizes. If you climb with more height, you can sure collect more unimaginable prizes. You also must remember one thing before playing this game that you can make profit rarely through this game.


Finally, you have got the idea about choosing the best rainbow riches slot game. Through the above mentioned comparison, now you can choose one of the best Rainbow Riches slot games without any hesitation. According to that, you can win exciting prizes and bonuses.


1. Which is the best Rainbow Riches Slot Game?

Even though there are many amazing Rainbow Riches slot game available, but still going with the Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is the best decision. As it offers better features, so it is best among this series.

2. Can I trust Rainbow Riches Slot Games?

Many players have gained a lot through Rainbow Riches Slot Games. Hence it is trustworthy. If you have any doubt, go through its reviews.

3. Is it possible to earn more money by playing any Rainbow Riches Slot Game?

By following necessary terms and conditions with rules, sure you can earn more money by playing any rainbow riches slot game.

4. What should I use to withdraw money from Rainbow Riches?

You can withdraw money from Rainbow Riches using your debit card or bank account. With 12 hours of winning, you can withdraw your amount.

5. Should I invest more to play Rainbow Riches Slot Game?

Definitely not! Rainbow Riches Slot Game is popular among players due to its less investment and more rewards option. Just paying participation fee is more than enough to play all slot games.